Mystery Beer!

Mystery Beer!

Just a very short post for all the beer followers out there in praise of always trying a new and sometimes unidentifiable beer!

Steve and Deb had an unlabelled, mystery beer in their fridge. Its only identifiable mark being a cryptic ‘MW’ written in black marker on the cap. After establishing that no one knew where the beer had come from, what ‘MW’ stood for and the Steve ‘in no way was going to drink that thing’ I boldly decided that I’d better try it.

Well, it was delicious. Potentially a home brew due to the large amount of sediment in the bottom but a delicious, malty American style IPA a bit like Brooklyn Larger. If you are the mystery brewer from the bottle in Steve and Deb’s fridge, hats off to you sir/madam.

The lesson of the mystery ale; it’s always good to try something new, even if you don’t quite know what it is when you get into it, a bit like our trip really.

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  • BD says:

    damn right, sonny Jim, try all the random alcohols the US can throw at you from unmarked beers to ciders in plastic tubs and whiskeys in the jar-o.

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