Why the US?

Why the US?

Why the US? Many people have asked us this. A year of our lives. One country. Same language. Seems unambitious.  Some comments we’ve had:

  • Don’t you want to see China?
  • You’ll be going to Australia, right?
  • What about Thailand?
  • South America is amazing!
  • Well, I suppose you can get to Canada and Mexico…
  • I’ve been to LA and New York, so I’ve seen America.

We have no problem with any of the above. It’s just not our dream. We were inspired by two amazing friends, who have done something similar not once but twice now. They are not only seasoned travellers, but beautiful, inspiring people, and they have taught us so much, not just about how to plan a trip like this (and that input should not be underestimated), but about how to live our lives and our dreams. It was through them that we came to believe that we could achieve this, way before it seemed financially viable. They also showed us the richness of America, which, coupled with our own experience of spending a few weeks here and there and our own individual fascinations with these United States, cemented our belief that it was the US that called to us. The changes in the landscapes, the varieties of climate and cultures, should not be underestimated and we hope through this blog you will come to see what brought us to spend this year of our lives seeing as much of this great country as we can.

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