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11988571_10155978613290621_2295262857717846798_nThe travel diary of two Brits towing around the USA

This year of our lives. One year, two people. For who we are and why we are here, read on…

John and I have been married for just over a year now, and together since 2009. We live in Cambridge, UK, and about 4 years ago were trying to decide what and where to buy our home, in an increasingly competitive and expensive property market. To get what we thought we wanted, we went to a view a run down house in a lovely village – good pubs, local shops, a cycle into the city. On return from the viewing, we had a sit down. It was clear that buying this house would give us a solid investment in a great location, the stuff property shows are made of. But it would take all our money and all our time to get there. We weren’t enjoying our jobs and we knew this would be a serious tie. We drew up lists of pros and cons, and then in a moment of frustration, I said to John “What would you do if I dumped you today?”. He responded immediately, “Take my half of the deposit money (ever the gentleman, my husband) and go travelling”. “Me too”, I said. And the stage was set. We both wanted to travel before really settling down, and fortunately we had the perfect partners to do it with. From that moment on, everything we did, from buying a house in a less perfect village, with no character but great rental potential, to sticking at our jobs and saving hard, was with a view to this. And here we are, starting this year of our lives together.

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